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    In-Mold Labeling (IML)

    What’s IML In-Mold Labeling is a highly advanced decoration process for plastics, in which

                             the label applied into the blow mold


    IML Process

                 1The film label is deposited in the robot by a special handling device.

              2. The label is precisely positioned in the mold electrostatically.

              3. The material is injected into the mold.

              4. The finely label is fused into the surface of the injection molded object. 


             IML : Cost effectiveness minimize production procedure and also less production line area

         IML : Beautiful appearance,  clear and vivid color, real image can be displayed

              IML : Anti-counterfeit since In-mold labeling required high technique

              IML : Existence in every situation the  covered film making durable, peel adhesion; resistant to

                   friction,water, dust, heat and oil 

         Present product in IML range (Blow mould)



           IML Target Customer in Thailand

             Paint company   :  TOA, Nippon Paint, UR Chemical, Numdeewat Chemical, Hato Paint, ICI

             Household product company  :  Unilever, P&G, Bio Manufacturing, IP Manufacturing, Kao, Lion, Betterway        

             Industrial product company   :   PTT, Veloil, Shell, ESSO, Yamalube, Bangjak petrolium









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